A hard rock/metal band based in St. Louis, Missouri, Ars Arcanum tells epic stories in the pulp fantasy tradition. Their first album, Far From The Sun, is rooted in their love of Dungeons & Dragons, snarling guitars, catchy vocals, and general weirdness. 

Jason Myers | Drums


Jason has been gigging since he was 16 years old. During his 20+ years in the St. Louis music scene, he’s anchored bands that performed original music and covers alike, including Hydro Flo, Two Gallon Red, Wingin’ It, Dive Bar Socialites, and Disco Rebellion. With Ars Arcanum, Jason built a crew of his closest friends to play cover band gigs. Little did he know what horrors would blossom from such benign roots.

Derek Henson | Bass


Playing music for 20 years, in and out of bands for 16 years, Derek, a native of Southern Illinois, now resides in St Louis. At 14, they got their musical start through a combination of lessons and pouring over Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Green Day and other alternative rock band’s songs. At first, it was just guitar but he soon picked up a little of everything. Playing with metal bands in Illinois, a folk group, and the ecletic Sexbot side project, Ars Arcanum’s epic storytelling is a logical next step in his continuing slide into madness.

Steve Atteberry | Guitar


Originally trained in piano, Steve picked up the guitar just a handful of years ago. In that time, he’s developed a real passion for the craft, endlessly tweaking his sound to get just the right effect for each piece. Steve gravitates toward ’90s alternative, blues rock, and doom metal, and he counts Rabea Massaad, Ben Eller, and Marty Schwartz among the performers who’ve influenced his sound.

Luke CJ Smith | Vocals


A lifelong fantasy writer, Luke is a newcomer to the St. Louis music scene. As frontman for Ars Arcanum, Luke brings a songwriting flair that borrows liberally from indie, folk, and pop music traditions, with more than a hint of old school pro wrestling promo work.